What Cheryl and Bill Jamison offer, among many other virtues, is a sense of authenticity. They don’t just cook these dishes. They know everything about them. –New York Times Book Review

Look up barbecue in the dictionary and you’re sure to find a picture of the Jamisons. They are the King and Queen of grilling and smoking. –Bon Appétit

Tasting New Mexico: Recipes Celebrating One Hundred Years of Distinctive Home Cooking

Cheryl and Bill celebrate New Mexico with a tribute to the traditional foods of their home state. In addition to featuring full-flavored versions of 100 beloved local dishes, the book covers the agricultural and ranching heritage of New Mexico, and relates stories about notable cooks, restaurants, food products, and more.

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The Rancho de Chimayo Cookbook, 50th Anniversary Edition

Celebrates the flavorful traditional cooking of New Mexico as practiced at the state’s famed Restaurante Rancho de Chimayó. This recently expanded edition includes more recipes and stunning photos, both historical and contemporary.

“The Rancho de Chimayó Cookbook captures the essence of New Mexico’s culture and cuisine.” Mark Miller, Santa Fe master chef and author of Coyote Café Cookbook

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Smoke & Spice: Cooking with Smoke, the Real Way to Barbecue (Revised Edition, 2003)

Winner of a James Beard Foundation Award for Excellence in 1995 for the original edition. Over 1,000,000 copies sold, making it one of the best-selling outdoor cookbooks ever. Now completely updated and expanded with 100 new recipes in addition to all the original favorites.

“Smoke & Spice is a real ode to barbecue. It’s a great addition to any barbecue lover’s bookshelf.” Al Roker of NBC’s Today Show

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Global Smoke: Bold New Barbecue Inspired by the World’s Great Cuisines

The “bold and compelling” recipes in Global Smoke showcase a contemporary style of smoking that features lean and tender cuts of meat, poultry, fish, and vegetables, and more with a world of seasonings. Appealing to those new to smoke cooking as well as proven barbecue pitmasters.

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Texas Q: 100 Recipes for the Very Best Barbecue from the Lone Star State, All Smoke Cooked to Perfection

Cheryl Alters Jamison

For bodacious, bragging-rights barbecue that’s easy to master in your backyard smoker, look to Texas. There’s more though, to Texas Q, than brisket. Cheryl gives you loads of ideas for other cuts of beef, as well as for chicken, pork, lamb, fish and other seafood, and vegetables, infused with rubs, mops, and sauces from a multitude of multi-cultural influences. With photos by Gabriella Marks.

Texas Slow Cooker

Even great cooks, such as Cheryl Jamison, one of the preeminent authorities on American regional cuisine and the author of many award-winning cookbooks, occasionally prefer the make-ahead convenience, easy cleanup, and depth of slow-cooked flavor that you get when you use a slow cooker.

Co-author of the pioneering book Texas Home Cooking, Cheryl reveals in these pages that a stunning range of Lone Star gems, from chilis and stews to enchiladas and roasts, from bean or rice dishes to beef, bison, poultry, and shrimp, come out of the slow cooker brimming with flavor–and with a minimum of fuss for the cook.

These 125 recipes are full of delectable, down-home goodness, each one at least as good as its version from outside the slow cooker.

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Perini Ranch Steakhouse: Stories and Recipes for Real Texas Food

Lisa and Tom Perini with Cheryl Alters Jamison

…The Perini Ranch Steakhouse [is] considered by many the best country steakhouse in the land…is one of the most famous in the state. And its new cookbook…reflects the remarkable journey the business and its owners have made over the past 36 years.” –Dallas Morning News

Cheryl worked with the Perinis to tell their story, as well as testing and writing all of their recipes for home cooks. The iconic destination restaurant, on the Perini family ranch in Buffalo Gap, Texas, was the recipient of a James Beard Foundation America’s Classic Award. With photographs by Wyatt McSpadden. Nominated for a 2020 International Association of Culinary Professionals (IACP) cookbook award.

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The Restaurant Martín Cookbook: Sophisticated Home Cooking from the Celebrated Santa Fe Restaurant

A collaboration between James Beard Best Southwest Chef nominee, Martín Rios, and the Jamisons, the book tells the story of Martín’s rise from humble circumstances in Mexico to a chef working in a Michelin three-star kitchen, with some of the best chefs in the U.S., and eventual ownership of his own lauded Santa Fe landmark. The recipes are designed to be workable for other chefs as well as enthusiastic home cooks. Sumptuous photos by Kate Russell throughout.

…Accolades for its collection of sophisticated yet approachable recipes. The organization of the cookbook is exceptional, the pictures are beautiful and it makes an artful yet useful addition to a bookshelf full of cookbooks. –Local Flavor

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The Barbecue Lover’s Big Book of BBQ Sauces

From mops and sops to pastes and bastes, soulful rubs to shimmering sauces–everything you need for outstanding grilling or smoke-cooking can be found in the more the 225 recipes featured here. Unlike other books about barbecue sauces and related flavorings, these recipes say whether best for grilling, or smoke-cooked bbq, or both. The book is organized by the kind of seafood, meat, or produce you are cooking.

Here are all the tools for making delicious BBQ in your own backyard. The secrets to everyone’s favorite cuisine are all on these pages.–Bobby Flay

Out of Print but copies still available from and other online sources.

The Cooking with Kids Cookbook

For over twenty years the nonprofit organization Cooking with Kids has educated thousands of children to make healthy eating choices through hands-on learning with fresh, affordable foods from diverse cultures. Written for families to use together, this cookbook includes Cooking with Kids’ most enthusiastically kid-tested dishes, along with tips for engaging children in the kitchen and in the garden. Kids can even pick up a pencil or a crayon and do fun and educational activities right inside the book. Featuring more than sixty-five recipes―among them South American Llapingachos, Minestrone, and Coconut Rice Balls―the authors dish up tasty, nutritious meals and snacks that teach children how to help plan, prepare, and cook meals. This book will show parents and caregivers that kids will enjoy a broad array of foods when they chop, measure, mix, and―of course―eat with pleasure.

Out of Print but copies still available from and other online sources.

100 Grilling Recipes You Can’t Live Without

100 “can’t miss” Jamison favorites. If you want one easy book for heatin’ up your outdoor cooking, this is it.

“Count much-acclaimed cookbook authors Cheryl and Bill Jamison as grilling fanatics. In essence, this culinary collection picks the best or most favored recipes from their previous books, adds more than a dollop of different flavors from other cuisines, and serves it all up with no small amount of wit and wisdom.”

Out of Print but copies still available from and other online sources.

A Real American Breakfast: The Best Meal of the Day, Any Time of the Day

Finalist for best American cookbook in 2002 in the awards programs of both the James Beard Foundation and the International Association of Culinary Professionals. Brimming with 275 traditional and innovative recipes for bright ways to begin (or end) any day, beautiful color photographs, and fascinating sidebars, A Real American Breakfast offers a lifetime supply of homey, comforting meals.

“[An] immensely appealing book, which is packed with culinary history and lore, tips and techniques, and selections from period menus and cookbooks… As much a social history as a cookbook, this is highly recommended.” Library Journal

“During their breakfast exploration, the couple has either coaxed out of their informants or uncovered on their own dishes that were previously kept from the general public’s knowledge, such as chocolate gravy (I kid you not); Keys fish steam with old sour; Mississippi bacon sandwich with milky tomato gravy; and cantaloupe with country ham and red-eye gravy… In short, I think this is a terrific book.” John Thorne, Simple Cooking

Out of Print but copies still available from and other online sources.

American Home Cooking: Over 300 Spirited Recipes Celebrating Our Rich Tradition of Home Cooking (Paperback Edition, 2005)

Winner for best American cookbook in 2000 in the awards programs of both the James Beard Foundation and the International Association of Culinary Professionals. To the degree that we are what we eat, the delicious dishes in this book are us as Americans, a vibrant expression of our national spirit that’s as full of robust flavor as the food of any land.

“American Home Cooking feels fresh and modern yet at the same time comforting and solid. The Jamisons did their homework and it shows.”

Out of Print but copies still available from and other online sources.

Around the World in 80 Dinners: The Ultimate Culinary Adventure

50,000 Miles,
10 Countries,
800 Dishes,
1 Rogue Monkey.

Out of Print but copies still available from and other online sources.

The Big Book of Outdoor Cooking & Entertaining: Spirited Recipes and Expert Tips for Barbecuing, Charcoal & Gas Grilling, Rotisserie Roasting, Smoking, Deep-Frying, and Making Merry

Cheryl and Bill have put all their knowledge about outdoor home cooking and entertaining into one colossal, comprehensive, and affordable guide with more than 850 recipes and hundreds of tips and how-tos for any food you want to cook outside and any possible method for doing it well. A James Beard Award winner.

“Look up barbecue in the dictionary and you’re sure to find a picture of the Jamisons. They are the king and queen of grilling and smoking.” Bon Appétit

Out of Print but copies still available from and other online sources.

Born to Grill: An American Celebration

“Best of the Best Award” from Food & Wine. 300 sizzlingly satisfying all-American recipes guaranteed to release the inner griller in every backyard cook.

“The Bible of the grill. This could very well be the perfect summer cookbook.” Forbes

“Born to Grill is truly useful. Very straightforward, lustily seasoned.” New York Times

Out of Print but copies still available from and other online sources.

Chicken on the Grill: 100 Surefire Ways to Grill Perfect Chicken Every Time

Cheryl and Bill make it easy for anyone to grill perfectly tender, juicy chicken, bursting with flavor—every time they fire up the grill. As the Jamisons acknowledge, grilled chicken is “one of the most botched foods in America,” but Cheryl and Bill show how to get it right in simple ways. Loaded with luscious recipes, lots of color photos, and great grilling tips, Chicken on the Grill is a surefire winner.

“When the Jamisons light their fires, mouths all around America will be salivating for smoke, spice, and everything nice.” Bobby Flay of the Food Network

Out of Print but copies still available from and other online sources.

Good Times, Good Grilling: Surefire Recipes for Great Grill Parties

Cheryl and Bill show how to throw an outdoor grill party that’s great fun for everyone, including the hosts and cooks. Forget the stress and hassles of entertaining by taking the simple, fail-proof approach the Jamisons recommend. The key to success, Cheryl and Bill demonstrate, is to serve full-flavored dishes with broad appeal that are easy and quick to prepare with little or no advance effort.

“Like a film with Anthony Hopkins, it’s hard to go wrong with a cookbook by Cheryl Alters Jamison and Bill Jamison.” Christian Science Monitor

Out of Print but copies still available from and other online sources.

Sublime Smoke: Bold New Flavors Inspired by the Old Art of Barbecue

A companion to Smoke & Spice, featuring lighter, more contemporary smoke dishes. A favorite of professional chefs and home cooks alike. A selection of the Better Homes & Gardens Cook Book Club.

“This thoroughly contemporary book, based on the oldest of all cooking methods, is one of those rare books that will be equally appealing to beginning and expert cooks.” Chicago Tribune

Out of Print but copies still available from and other online sources.

Texas Home Cooking

400 vibrant recipes demonstrate that the pleasures of down-home Texas cooking are as big and bold as the state.

“One of the top 15 cookbooks of the year.” USA Today

“I struggled for quite some time trying to find a Southern cookbook that wasn’t, you know, full of frou-frou recipes that no one in their right mind would actually use. This is it… Shoot, I love just sitting and reading it. I may as well throw my Joy of Cooking away—I’m never going to touch it again.” Anonymous San Francisco reader on

Out of Print but copies still available from and other online sources.

The Border Cookbook: Authentic Home Cooking of the American Southwest and Northern Mexico

Winner of a James Beard Foundation Award for Excellence and finalist for a Julia Child Award in 1996. From the Gulf of Mexico to the Pacific, from Sonora north to Sonoma, the border region brims with a boundless variety of spectacular food, celebrated here with more than 300 delectable, easy-to-prepare dishes.

“The Jamisons don’t just cook these dishes; they know everything about them.” New York Times

“Who could be better on the border beat than Cheryl and Bill Jamison—indefatigable investigators, talented cooks, and unswerving aficionados? Like their other cookbooks, The Border Cookbook is a must for lovers of American spice and verve.” Rick Bayless, Chicago master chef and author of Authentic Mexican

Out of Print but copies still available from and other online sources.