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I’m Cheryl Alters Jamison, That Exciting Foods Expert and 4-time James Beard award winning cookbook author. Excited About Food is a community embracing good eating and creating exciting meals for your family.

This is the place for you to spice up your life with food. Share my passion and bring joy to the dining table through recipes, cookbooks, exotic ingredients, tips, classes, my Heating It Up radio show, videos and special events all about the excitement of cooking!


4-time James Beard Award-Winning Cookbook Author

Port Aransas Tuna Dip

I think we all love having easy show-stopping recipes for summer entertaining. Port Aransas Tuna Dip is one of those. However, it’s something of a...
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A Smoked Burger

From Cheryl’s new TEXAS Q, these smoked burgers that blow away the grilled competition. You can simply coat the burgers in salt and pepper before...
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Cooking With Kids

One of Cheryl’s favorite nonprofit organizations is Cooking with Kids. All children deserve the chance to eat delicious healthful real food and learn how to take care of themselves. In 1995, Cooking with Kids began offering no-cost culinary education to Santa Fe children. The organization educates and empowers kids and their families to make healthy eating choices through hands-on learning with fresh affordable foods. When kids help prepare healthy foods, they’re much more likely to eat and enjoy them.

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