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I’m Cheryl Alters Jamison, That Exciting Foods Expert and 4-time James Beard award winning cookbook author. Excited About Food is a community embracing good eating and creating exciting meals for your family.

This is the place for you to spice up your life with food. Share my passion and bring joy to the dining table through recipes, cookbooks, exotic ingredients, tips, classes, my Heatin It Up radio show, videos and special events all about the excitement of cooking!

Carne Adovada

Want to spice up your life, New Mexican style? Then try carne adovada, a slow-cooked pork dish bathed in sauce made from the local red...
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Mom’s Apple Crisp

Want to know the recipe I return to time and time again? It’s this, my mother Betty’s classic crisp, which appeared in American Home Cooking....
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Grilled Asparagus

Grilling is an exceptional way to cook asparagus, and easy as well. You can dress the spears in all kinds of ways. We pair the...
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Cooking With Kids

All children deserve to eat delicious healthful real food and learn how to take care of themselves. In 1995, long before celebrity chefs and chiefs of state started raising concerns about processed foods and junk being fed to our kids, Lynn Walters—Cooking with Kids founder and executive director—began her quest here in Santa Fe to educate children about good food, realizing that—to make a real long-term difference—the effort needed to involve children, of course, but that it required buy-ins from parents, school administration, schools, teachers, and those hard-working lunch ladies.

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